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Using our Online Alarm Clock you can set the alarm and wake up on time. Also, it gives a sound alert when the time's up.

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About Online Alarm Clock

Welcome to our Online Alarm Clock. It's a free utility tool that is designed to wake you up on time or to give you an alert at a specific time. Simply set the hours, minutes, and AM/PM and press the "Set Alarm" button. That's all. Lastly, you will listen to the alert sound when the alarm is reached to set time.

Note: Our tool will not work if you close the tab or web browser. Also, it's very much recommended to keep your tab live or active.

Online Alarm Clock

Why Use Online Alarm Clock?

There are several reasons to use the online alarm clock, such as:

  • Accessibility: This is the most important thing that our tool is accessible from any device. You just need an active internet connection and a web browser. Also, it's very much convenient who travel frequently.
  • Simple Interface: Our tool is very easy to use just because of its simple and user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily set the alarm without hurdles.
  • No Hardware or Software Needed: It does not require any hardware or software. Also, there is no installation required. Just open it online and start using it.
  • Multi-Functional: It also provides some additional features such as a timer, stopwatch, and clock.
  • Environment Friendly: It eliminates the need for a physical alarm clock. So, it directly reduces plastic waste and helps to protect the environment.
  • Flexibility: It gives you the ability to start or stop the alarm at any time.

How to Use an Online Alarm Clock?

  • Firstly, open the on your web browser. As you can see the live clock with the current time and date on your screen.
  • To set the alarm, just select the hours and minutes from the dropdown options. Also, choose the AM or PM appropriately.
  • Lastly, just press the "Set Alarm" button. That's it. Your alarm is set now. It will give you a voice alert when the time is up.
  • Also, you can cancel the alarm at any time by using a "Stop Alarm" button.


Yes, you can simply open the tool on your mobile's web browser and set the alarm. To keep the alarm active, don't close the browser app.

No, we already set the digital and classic alarm sound that is convenient and most used.

We already have set the sound volume to 100 or high. But you make it low by reducing your computer sound.

No, it will not work in this condition. You have to keep the browser tab open to make it work properly.

No, you can not use it offline.

No, you don't need to download or install any app or software. You can access it online on any web browser.